4 Simple Car Maintenance Tips that Will Extend your Vehicle’s Life

Car Maintenance Tyler TXYour vehicle is an investment that requires ongoing support and car maintenance to ensure it is in proper working condition. Even though you drive your car each day, you may not realize it is in distress and needs a repair or service. Without proper maintenance, you are decreasing the lifespan of your vehicle. Here are a few simple tips to ensure your car is a reliable mode of transportation for many years to come.

Get On a Schedule

Each vehicle manufacturer has its own recommendations to follow with maintenance and service. To ensure your vehicle aligns with the manufacturer’s recommendations for warranty purposes, make sure to follow their service schedule.

Since they made your car, they know what is best for its operation. Follow their suggestions for when to change the oil, rotate tires, tune up spark plugs, and other tasks in car maintenance.

Check Levels Yourself

Even if you bring your vehicle in for routine, scheduled maintenance, you should check your fluid levels and tire pressure regularly.

Pull out the dipstick and check the oil every once in a while. Also, check the reservoirs for your radiator and brake fluid. Dirty oil and fluids or insufficient amounts of oil and fluid can damage your engine and reduce the function of your car’s braking system.

You should also check the tread and air pressure in your tires. Repair or replace tires with worn tread and low air pressure. If you have low mileage on these tires, insufficient tread or air pressure issues may stem from an alignment issue that should need immediate attention.

Drive Safe

Aggressive driving can wreak havoc on your brakes, engine, and tires. Avoid hard accelerating, fast and frequent braking, and chronic gear shifting to prolong the lifespan of your car.

You should also follow all traffic laws to reduce the risk of an accident. Do not speed or drive too close to other vehicles. Also, make sure to stop completely at stop signs and stoplights to avoid accidents.

Even a minor fender bender that you believe is cosmetic can cause underlying damage to the car’s engine. Drive safe and calm to protect your vehicle.

Listen to your Car

Last but not least, make sure to listen to your vehicle. Most cars will send out distress calls, but you may not be aware that these sounds are often signals for help.

Listen to your vehicle while it is idling and in motion. Make sure to turn the radio off so you can focus on your vehicle’s sound.

Knocking and clicking sounds may be a symptom of a transmission or alignment problem. A squealing or grinding noise when braking could mean you need new brakes and rotors.

Take steps to protect the function of your car. To learn more tips on car maintenance, contact Hughes Automotive in the Tyler, TX area at (903) 730-6788.

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