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Auto Repair Tyler TX: Your Brakes Could Be Trying To Tell You Something

Auto repair Tyler TXThe brakes on your car are one of the few systems that break down gradually, at least most of the time.  When signs of wear appear, you have ample time to get you car in for auto repair in Tyler TX before any real damage is done or driving becomes hazardous.  To know what the signs of wear are, you have to pay attention to the way your car sounds and the way it feels because brakes don’t wear out on a set schedule or after the car is driven a certain number of miles.  How often your brakes need repair depends entirely on where, how and how much you drive.

Even if you have a newer car, your brake parts will wear out quickly if you live in an urban area where there’s lots of stop-and-go driving or you tend to ride your brakes.  If you live in a more rural location, you may be able to drive many thousands of miles before you experience a problem.  No matter where you drive, if you take your car in for auto repair in Tyler TX to get regular tire rotations – every 3,000 to 6,000 miles – your mechanic will be able to check the thickness of brake pads and the condition of the hardware.  In between rotations, listen for unusual noises from your wheels.

Many vehicles have built-in sensors that scrape against a brake disc to let you know when the brake linings need to be replaced.  If you have these on your car, you’ll hear an annoying screeching sound when you apply the brakes.  Whether you have the sensors or not, you should listen for squealing, squeaking and grinding.  You should also pay attention to the way your brakes feel when they’re applied.  If there’s a problem, your brakes may pulsate or your foot may go down further than normal.  If you notice that it takes longer and longer for your car to come to a stop, take it in for auto repair in Tyler TX as soon as possible as this can be a dangerous driving condition.

The brake warning light on your dashboard that flashes on every time you start your car will let you know when your brake fluid is low.  If it comes on while you’re driving, it could mean you have a fluid leak or a problem with the master cylinder.  Low brake fluid is a cause for immediate concern and should be checked out by a professional mechanic.  Bring it to us at Hughes Automotive in Tyler.  Our mechanics are trained and experienced in all aspects of brake repair.  For the best auto repair in Tyler TX, call us at Hughes Automotive at (903) 730-6788 or visit us online at to find out more.

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Car Repair In Tyler TX: What You Should Know About Tailpipe Smoke

Car Repair Tyler TXWe’ve all experienced it at one time or another – a car that blows smoke out of the tailpipe.  If you’ve ever owned a secondhand clunker, you know how bad it can get.  Not only are you blowing noxious fumes into the atmosphere but you’re probably also inhaling them inside your car.  Before you rush to take it in for car repair in Tyler TX, take a look at exactly what kind of smoke it is that’s billowing out of the back end of your car:

Thin, white smoke that’s really more like vapor that dissipates quickly after you start your car is normal.  It’s the result of condensation build-up in your exhaust system.  In fact, you’ll notice it more in the morning at your first start-up because the condensation has had all night to build up.  The vapor may even be accompanied by dripping water.

Blue or gray smoke is usually an indication that oil is being burned in the engine’s combustion chamber.  Blue or gray smoke coming out of your car’s tailpipe isn’t necessarily an emergency situation but it is a reason to take it in for car repair in Tyler TX as soon as you can.  Leaking valve seals, worn or damaged piston rings or a PCV valve that’s stuck shut are among the reasons that this may happen.  Be aware that you’ll need to keep checking your engine oil level and you’ll have to replace what’s being continuously burned up in your engine.  Burning oil can also foul spark plugs, which can reduce your fuel mileage and cause your car to run roughly or be hard to start.

Black smoke likely means your engine is burning too much fuel.  Since your car requires more fuel at start-up, you may see black smoke once in the morning.  If you don’t see it the rest of the day, then you may not have a problem.  But if the black smoke continues throughout the day, there are a number of causes that include a clogged or dirty air filter, a leaking fuel injector or a problem with a fuel pressure regulator.  It’s important that you have your mechanic diagnose the problem as soon as possible.

Thick, white smoke is almost always an indication that you have a serious problem.  It means that coolant is burning inside the engine’s combustion chamber.  It can be caused by a cracked engine block, a cracked cylinder head or a blown or leaking head gasket.  In fact, even a small amount of coolant leak can lead to overheating that can cause catastrophic engine damage, like a cracked engine block, that will require an engine rebuild or engine replacement.  If your car has thick, white smoke coming out of the tailpipe, don’t drive it in for car repair in Tyler TX – call a tow truck before more damage is done.

No matter what kind of smoke is blowing out of your car’s tailpipe, don’t ignore it.  Call us at Hughes Automotive in Tyler at (903) 730-6788 to ask us about any problems you’re having with your car.  Visit us online at to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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Auto Repair In Tyler,TX: 5 Warning Signs of Possible Battery Problems

Auto repair Tyler TXThere is no vehicle problem more frustrating to deal with than an electrical problem.  With every other system in your car, you seem to get plenty of warning that it’s time for auto repair in Tyler TX.  When the brakes squeal or the engine leaks oil or the transmission clunks when you change gears, you know you have to get to an automotive professional in the near future.  But with electrical and charging problems, there never seems to be any warning – your car is just dead.

The truth is that charging problems can turn your car into driveway art pretty quickly; but there are some warning signs that will give you a little bit of time to get it to an auto repair shop in Tyler TX before that happens:

  1.  Your engine is slow to crank.   If you turn the key and your car is sluggish or takes a while to start, you may have a battery or alternator problem.  You may even experience a dimming of your headlights or interior lights when the car starts.

  2.  Your check-engine light comes on.   While this likely is an indication of some other problem, check-engine lights sometimes come on when the battery is weak.  If this light comes on in addition to some other battery-related symptom you’ve noticed, then you should take your car in for auto repair in Tyler TX.  You may also have a battery light on your dashboard that can come on if there’s an electrical problem; but these usually indicate that the battery isn’t being charged by the alternator.

  3.  Your battery terminals are corroded.   Look under the hood.  If your battery’s terminals are corroded, it could indicate that you have a crack in the case of the battery that’s releasing sulfuric acid fumes.  The fumes combine with the lead of the battery post to produce corrosion.  Corrosion can also be the result of the alternator charging the battery at too high a rate.

  4.  Your battery case is swollen.  Once again, this can be the result of excess gas build-up inside the battery.  A swollen battery can be dangerous and requires the attention of a professional mechanic.

  5.  Your battery is old.   If you don’t remember when you bought your battery or it came with your car, check for the date that it was manufactured.  The date can be found on the top of the battery and is usually a three- or four-digit code that will tell you the month and year it was made.  Batteries don’t last forever so if yours is more than a few years old, it may be time for a new one.

Don’t get sidelined by a dead battery.  If you think your car may have a charging or electrical problem, bring it to us at Hughes Automotive auto repair in Tyler TX.  Find us on the web at to see the other automotive services we offer then call us at 903-730-6788 to schedule an appointment.

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Auto Repair Tyler Tx
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Automotive Repair Tyler TX: How To Prepare For Your Holiday Road Trip

Automotive repair Tyler TXThe holidays are coming and that means a lot of people will be traveling by car to visit friends and family.  If you have travel plans this fall and winter, make sure to take your vehicle in for automotive repair in Tyler TX.  Even if you don’t have any noticeable problems, it’s always a good idea to get your car’s systems checked before you hit the road with your family.  It’s also a good idea to plan ahead when it comes to packing and preparation.

At Your Service Shop

If you’re close to the time you need to have scheduled service, have it performed to make sure every system is optimal and so you won’t have to worry about an automotive repair in Tyler TX or anywhere else on your trip.  Ask your service technician to perform a basic pre-trip inspection that includes checking all the fluids, wiper blades, headlights and brakes.

In addition, your technician should check your car’s battery to make sure it’s fully charged and that the terminals are clean to prevent any starting problems.  Tires are one of the most important items on your checklist so they should be checked for adequate tread, proper inflation and any abnormalities like bulges or uneven wear that could make driving hazardous.

At Home

Think about what you’re packing.  No matter how big your vehicle is, it has a load capacity that you should try not to exceed.  If your car is too heavy, you’ll significantly reduce your gas mileage and put excess wear on the motor and tires.  If you have a roof-top cargo box, fill it with lightweight items to make your vehicle easier to handle in emergency situations and to make it less of a rollover hazard.  If you don’t need the roof-top cargo box, take it off.

Leave room for emergency supplies like a first aid kit, flashlight, blanket, basic tools, bottled water and non-perishable snacks.  Include supplies to keep your children entertained and comfortable on the road like video games, books, warm blankets and pillows.

When you’re ready to hit the road, remember that your main goal is to arrive at your destination safely.  At Hughes Automotive Repair in Tyler TX, we want to help make your trip worry-free.  Let our ASE-certified technicians check your car from front to back to make sure it’s ready for the road.  Call us at 903-730-6788 or visit us at to schedule an appointment.

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Car Mechanic In Tyler, TX: Why You Should Choose An ASE-Certified Mechanic

Car mechanic Tyler TXYour car isn’t just a way for you to get to work or get the kids to school, it’s also a major expense.  From loan payments to gas to repairs, a lot of your hard-earned money goes into your car.  So when you look for a car mechanic in Tyler, TX, you can’t afford to choose a bad one.  There are a few things you can do to make sure that the person who works on your car will do the job right, complete the work in a timely manner and charge you a reasonable price.

First, ask people you trust – co-workers, friends, family – for recommendations.  Next, check internet review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau to see what people say about mechanics and garages in your area.  Last, do a drive-by of the auto shops that have made your short list.  It’s important that the shop you take your car to looks clean but busy.  A well-maintained shop is a sign that the owner cares about his employees and his customers.  A busy shop means that a lot of people trust their car repairs to the mechanics who work there.  But the most important thing you should look for on the outside of any auto shop is the blue and white ASE certification sign.

ASE certification is the standard of excellence for every car and truck mechanic in the United States.  A car mechanic in Tyler, TX who is ASE-certified is a mechanic who is certified to be an expert in their field, who has a high level of professionalism and training and who is committed to continuing his automotive training.  The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence created ASE certifications in 1972 to promote excellence in automotive repair and service and to protect the automotive repair consumer, the individual mechanics and shop owners.  Your certified car mechanic in Tyler, TX can offer you tangible proof of his expertise, which will give you peace of mind that you have chosen the right person for the job.  Having ASE-certified repair technicians also means peace of mind for service managers and shop owners who know that their customers are paying for expert service.

Mechanics can take tests in their particular areas of expertise and they can also take a Master Technician test once they have passed all the other tests in their field.  Tests have to be retaken every five years for the mechanic to retain his ASE status.  In addition to the test, an ASE-certified mechanic must also have either a two-year degree in automotive repair plus one year of on-the-job training or two years of on-the-job training.

When you’re looking for an ASE-certified car mechanic in Tyler, TX and you want only the best, call Hughes Automotive at 903-730-6788.  At Hughes Automotive, our automotive experts will fix your car right the first time.  Visit us at to learn more about us and the range of services we offer.

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Auto Repair Tyler TX: Getting Great Service without Breaking the Bank

auto repair tyler txIt’s no secret that auto repairs can be expensive. But with some planning and research, it doesn’t have to deplete your bank account. Here are some tips on finding the best auto repair Tyler TX offers, and how to afford it.

Find an Honest Mechanic Before You Need One

One key to getting the most from your auto repair experience is to be prepared. Chances are, you know where the nearest hospital is in case you have a medical emergency. While car problems are much less serious, knowing where to take it in case you need repairs is vital. You can usually save money when you don’t have to just take it to the first mechanic you find. In general, the more hurried you are, the more expensive repairs will be.

Get a Deal

If you are one of those people who always throws away the coupons and junk mail, consider at least flipping through it once in a while. Many auto shops have coupons that go out in the mail. Other shops may have deals on their websites. Never underestimate the value of coupon clipping!

Consolidate Services

When your car needs repairs, consider combining services, and you may score a better deal. For example, some shops offer free oil changes with brake repairs or similar deals. If your vehicle is up for maintenance anyway, try to coordinate the timing and score a deal if you can. It’s worth a shot to ask the shop for a discount on multiple services at once.

Have a Specialty Car?

Certain vehicles are more pricey to repair than others, and some require a mechanic who specializes in a specific make or brand. While most mechanics and auto body shops can work on any vehicle, they have less experience on specialty cars. Some mechanics work exclusively on foreign cars, while others make repairs on any cars. If you drive a specialty vehicle, going to a mechanic who works on these cars exclusively may be cheaper because he may not need to order parts. And if the auto repair Tyler TX shop has parts in stock, repairs are much quicker.
So whether your vehicle needs emergency repairs after an accident or you’re looking to replace the brakes that have been squeaking for months, finding the best shop for you, your vehicle and your budget is key. If you plan ahead, it doesn’t have to be a super expensive process.

auto repair tyler tx
Auto Repair Tyler Tx
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Basic Tests To Run on Your Car Before You Get Brake Repair Tyler TX

Brake Repair Tyler TXAlthough brake repair Tyler TX can seem like a complicated requirement for any properly maintained vehicle, some basic knowledge about your car can make it simple. With a focused reminder about the goings on in your car, you can become aware about all the things brake related. It’s important to understand how to troubleshoot your brakes so you can understand why it is affecting your car. That better understanding about what’s going wrong with your brakes will enable you to explain to the repair person what is happening with your car, and they will be in a better position to conduct repairs.

In order to understand what’s going on with your car, you need to take your car for a test drive. This test drive should not be conducted on the road, because while you’re driving amongst other cars your focus should be on those cars and not causing an accident. Also, you will be unable to actually test out your brake system when you have to obey the rules of the road. However, if you take your car to an empty parking lot or other similar structure, you will be able to actually run your brakes through their paces in order to understand what’s going on with your car before taking it in for brake repair Tyler TX.

When you test drive your car, you can conduct several routine tests that involve nothing but regular driving so that you can be completely aware of the sounds that your car is making in the process. The first thing you can do is put pressure on the brake while you car is on, but still in park and pay attention to what is going on with the pedal. Often when you’re actually driving you’re too busy avoiding other cars and getting to where you’re going that you don’t notice if your pedal is doing something peculiar. You want to make note of how long it takes for the pedal to move before you encounter resistance from the pedal. You also want to put firm pressure on the brake and see if the brake moves with your foot or if it fades away from your pressure. Also, you want to pump the pedal and see if the pedal returns to the same spot every time.

Once you actually begin driving the car around the lot you want to take the chance to just listen. Certain sounds that the car makes while driving, or while you are braking, can indicate further problems with the brakes. These are sounds that you often don’t pick up when you are surrounded by the noise of other cars. Combining these two simple checks of the braking system will enable you to better inform Hughes Auto about what’s going on when you take you car in for brake repair Tyler TX. When you call Hughes Auto at (903) 703-6788 they will be able to use that information and get your brakes back into their best shape.

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What to Expect When You Take Your Vehicle In for Engine Repair Tyler TX

Engine Repair Tyler TX | Call (903) 730-6788Car repairs aren’t ever fun, and nobody wants to spend half their paycheck (or more) on it. However, vehicles aren’t built to last forever, and the inevitable truth is that mechanical problems happen. For those who are new to the car repair scene, or who have cars with problems for the first time: what can you expect when you take your car in for engine repair Tyler TX?

Lots of Car Talk

If you know a lot about cars, you may love this part. Most mechanics do their best to explain what specific problem a person’s car is having. The more you know about cars, the more detailed the explanation will be. Mechanics want customers to know they’re giving them the most honest, in-depth advice. The more you know your vehicle, the better off you will be. If you don’t know much about cars, you can expect some “car talk” and then you will likely have to just trust the mechanic to fix your car without overcharging or doing more work than what the car really needs. Which brings us to the next point…

Find a Trustworthy Mechanic

A little research can go a long way when it comes to choosing a mechanic or auto body shop. Read a few online reviews for places around town and find a place that customers love. Customer reviews are usually the quickest way to learn a shop’s reputation for service. References from friends or co-workers are just as valuable since you have a first hand account of how they were treated and charged.

Time Table

Minor maintenance can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. This includes things like windshield replacements, tire rotations, and oil changes. Most other repairs take at least a few days. Major engine repair Tyler TX may take weeks, depending on if the shop has all the necessary parts in stock. If parts have to be ordered, which is common, it takes longer. Expect the mechanic to have your car for a few days to a couple weeks if you are getting major engine repair Tyler TX.

Price Points

Be sure to get a printed out estimate of what the total cost will be. In some cases with major engine problems, it’s impossible for the mechanic to know total price and total damage until he takes half the engine apart. But in any case, get an estimate before the mechanic gets to work. That way, you can at least have a ballpark guess of what you will be paying. Car maintenance and repair aren’t cheap in most cases, so having a budget set aside for vehicle emergencies is a good idea. If you have some money saved for car repairs, it won’t be such a catastrophic hit to your bank account.

Hughes Automotive in Tyler, TX is your resource for all types of engine repair Tyler TX.  We’ve been servicing this community for many years.  We are an ASE certified shop and treat all our customers with respect and appreciate their time.  Call us today at (903) 730-6788 or stop by and see us at 2100 E 5TH St Tyler, TX, 75701- 3517.


Oil Change Tyler TX: Five Reasons You Should Get Your Oil Changed Regularly

oil change Tyler TXMost mechanics suggest that you should get an oil change Tyler TX done every time you drive between 3,000 to 5,000 miles. For the majority of drivers, this means that they will need to get this service done on their car about every three to six months. If you’re not convinced that you should take your car into the mechanic for this service every few months, here are five good reasons why you should reconsider.

1. Better Engine Performance
When you take your car in for an oil change Tyler TX, you are helping your engine work its best. This service ensures that your engine’s internal parts are lubricated and clean, resulting in a smoother and quieter ride for you.

2. Dirt and Debris Buildup Prevention
Built-up dirt and debris is one of your engine’s worst enemies. As the oil in your engine starts to age, it will start to collect dirt and other substances that can potentially damage your engine. Changing out this substance and your vehicle’s filters every few months will protect your engine from harm.

3. Improved Mileage
It’s no secret that gas is expensive. If you’re tired of emptying out your wallet at the gas station, you can improve your vehicle’s gas mileage by regularly going in for this service. When your vehicle’s engine is better lubricated, the friction that slows down your engine is reduced, allowing you to visit the gas station less often.

4. Reduced Harmful Emissions
You can also help out the environment by going in for an oil change Tyler TX on a regular basis. Older vehicles typically burn old oil within their engines, causing noxious emissions to be released into the air.  When you have fresh oil in your vehicle, it is less likely to burn and will also be able to absorb particles at a higher rate, reducing the pollutants your vehicle releases.

5. Extended Engine Life
You probably want your vehicle to last as long as possible without breaking down on the side of the road every few weeks. One of the best ways to extend your vehicle’s life is by taking it into the mechanic every few months for this service. Not only will replacing the oil benefit your engine, but it will also give you the opportunity to talk to your mechanic about any additional repairs you might need to get done.

If it’s been a while since you went in for an oil change Tyler TX, help your car achieve better engine performance and fuel efficiency and take it into the mechanic today.  Hughes Automotive can help with oil changes and inspections.  Call us today at (903) 730-6788.

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Automotive Repair Tyler TX: Troubleshooting Your Brake System

automotive repair Tyler TXA car that won’t start is frustrating.  A car that won’t stop is deadly.  The most important system in your automobile is the brake system.  At Hughes Automotive repair Tyler TX, we know how important it is to inspect your brake system before you have a problem.  Unfortunately, most car owners ignore brake system quirks, glitches and noises until they become all too obvious. What are the brake issues you should be concerned about and what do they mean?

The brake pedal goes all the way to the floor when pressed.  The vehicle may not stop or requires a long distance to stop.  This could signal low brake fluid, a bad brake master cylinder or air in the hydraulic lines.

Brakes barely stop the car or won’t hold it at a stop.  You may have to apply a great deal of pressure to the brake pedal to hold your car at a stop.  In this case, your car’s master cylinder could be defective.  It could also mean low brake fluid, air in the hydraulic system or that the brake pads or shoes are worn out.

The parking brake won’t release.  You might see smoke from the tires or smell something burning.  You might also feel your car dragging going forward.  This could mean your parking brake cables are frozen or that the parking brake linkage needs lubrication.  It could also mean that the parking brake mechanism in your rear brakes is broken.

The brakes feel spongy.  You might even have to pump your brake pedal to make them feel less spongy..  Our technicians at automotive repair Tyler TX know that spongy brakes could mean a leak or air in the brake lines.  It can also mean the brake fluid might be contaminated with water or is the wrong type.

The brakes grab.  Your car might pull to the left or right.  If this happens, your parking brake may not be releasing.  It could also mean that your brake pads or shoes are worn out or that you have a bad front disc brake caliper or rear drum brake wheel cylinder.

The brakes squeal.  The sound may come and go and could be accompanied by pulling to the right or left.  This could be caused by dirt or brake dust on your car’s brake pads or shoes.  It can also be caused by pads and shoes or drums and rotors glazing from overheating.  If the pads are worn down, the audible wear indicators on them could be contacting the rotors.

The brakes make a scraping sound at low speeds.  You will probably not hear the noise braking from a high speed.  Scraping can be caused by loose or bad front wheel bearings.  It can also mean brake drums or rotors are warped or that brake pads or shoes are worn down to metal.

Because the brake system of your car is so important, brake repairs are best left to our ASE-certified technicians at Hughes Automotive repair Tyler TX.  We are available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.  Call us to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive brake system check at 903-730-6788.

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