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Hughes Automotive is a full-service auto repair shop Tyler TX, specializing in consistent and friendly service. Call us for any of your auto repair needs at 903-730-6788.

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auto repair Tyler TXCar’s, truck’s, and other vehicles are everywhere. Many people need them to get to and from work, or to run daily errands. Unfortunately, accidents and normal everyday wear and tear can compromise the vehicle that you depend on. Keep reading for just a few reasons that you may need Hughes Auto Repair Tyler TX.

Oil is needed to lubricate the parts of your engine that move. Oil keeps the parts cool by reducing friction and taking heat away and by keeping dirt or particles from scratching parts that are fitted tightly together. After some time, the heat will break down the oil in your vehicle. This makes the oil watery or gummy so that it doesn’t work properly. As time goes by, it will just get dirtier and dirtier. Hughes Auto Repair Tyler TX will flush the old dirty oil and replace it with new clean oil. A regular oil change is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle’s engine maintained and running properly.

If your vehicle is drifting to one side, even when you seem to be holding the wheel straight, your vehicle may be out of alignment. Everyday driving will unfortunately cause your alignment to go out. Normal driving can cause parts of your vehicle’s suspension to become worn. Even a small fender bender or hitting a curb can throw your suspension out of line. Hughes Auto Repair Tyler TX will fix your alignment so that your wheels will sit straight. This will reduce wear and tear on your tires, saving the expense of buying brand new tires. Proper alignment will also help you to get better gas mileage because of decreased resistance on the road.

Brakes are possibly the most important part of your vehicle. Just think about it, you are driving a metal object that weighs more than a ton at 65 miles per hour. What if you need to stop in a hurry on less than perfect brakes. If you start to hear a crunching noise, it’s past the time to get new brakes and/or brake pads. Hughes Auto Repair Tyler TX will run a thorough check on your brake systems and repair them for your safety. You can be confident that when you hit the brakes, your vehicle will stop.

Hughes Auto Repair in Tyler, TX offers all of the above services and more. Contact them today for your auto repair needs.

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