How often should you get your car serviced for proper auto maintenance?

Auto Maintenance Tyler TXWhenever you purchase a new or used vehicle, you typically get a copy of the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer. This manual gives you some guidelines on how often you should have your vehicle serviced. Generally speaking, all cars should see an auto maintenance specialist once a year or every twelve thousand miles. By having your vehicle serviced regularly, you can save money on potential repair work and prolong the life of your car or truck. A vehicle that doesn’t receive regular maintenance may be at risk of experiencing mechanical failures that could lead to an increase in fuel costs or severe driving problems.

The benefits of regular auto maintenance servicing include:

  • Considerably decreases the potential of mechanical failures and repair work
  • Identifies signs of potential vehicle damage
  • Creates comfort in knowing that your vehicle is safe
  • Can significantly increase fuel economy
  • Reduces your vehicle operating costs
  • Decreases vehicle emissions
  • Prolongs the life of your car
  • Helps protect the value of your vehicle

Look for the following warning signs that your vehicle needs servicing right away:

  • Grinding or squealing noises when you stop your vehicle. This noise may be a sign that your brakes are worn and need repair as soon as possible.
  • Oil marks under your car. Leaking oil can lead to significant problems with your vehicle. Proper lubrication is key to its performance. Have your vehicle checked for an oil leak.
  • Green fluid coming from the engine. Your radiator needs coolant to keep it running at the right temperature. If the coolant is leaking, you could end up with an overheated engine. Have it checked right away.
  • Slow starts. Your battery may be losing its power. Have it checked.
  • Excessive vibration while you are driving. Excessive vibration could be a sign that your tires need an alignment.

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these problems, schedule an auto maintenance appointment as soon as possible.

Today’s vehicles are more complex than the cars and trucks of yesteryear. Maintaining the technological features found in your vehicles requires the proper expertise, experience, tools, and equipment. The average vehicle owner does not have what it takes to maintain a car or truck properly. Using a DIY approach to service your vehicle could lead to unsafe conditions, major mechanical problems, expensive repair bills and potential risk of accidents.

If you’re in need of auto maintenance servicing, contact the automotive experts in Tyler TX. Call Hughes Automotive at (903) 730-6788 today!

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