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Tips To Keep In Mind If You Want To Avoid An Engine Repair This Winter

Engine Repair Tyler TXWinter is on the way to East Texas and if you want to avoid an engine repair in Tyler, TX when frosty weather hits, you’ll have to take extra care of your vehicle.  Though heat is usually a bigger problem in Texas, hot weather doesn’t impact a car the way snow, ice and cold weather do.  If you keep these tips in mind, your car will keep chugging along through winter, spring and summer – without an engine repair.

Get A Pre-Season Checkup

It’s always a good idea to get your car checked out by a mechanic you trust before winter comes.  The checkup should include, but not be limited to:

  • A check of the hoses and belts
  • A check of the air intake and air filter
  • A check of all fluid levels, especially the antifreeze level
  • A check of the spark plugs and fuel injectors
  • A check of the battery

Change The Oil Regularly

Having your engine oil changed regularly is the most important thing you can do for your car all year round, not just in the winter.  Oil lubricates all the parts of your engine to prevent wear and tear on engine components and it keeps your engine from overheating.  In cold weather, engine oil turns more viscous, which means it won’t flow as easily and, if you add dirt to the oil, it will work even less efficiently.  Your mechanic can also change your engine oil to one that works better in cold weather, like 5W30.

Let The Engine Warm Up

When you start your car in the morning on a cold day, give the engine time to warm up before you race out of your driveway.  Unless you’re trying to defrost all of your windows before you drive your car, though, you don’t have to let it idle more than 30 seconds.

Store It Properly

If you’re not planning on driving your car this winter but you want it to work the way it’s supposed to in the spring, take these steps to make sure it will start when you turn the key:

  • Fill the fuel tank to reduce oxidation.
  • Add a fuel stabilizer.
  • Disconnect the wiring to the fuel pump.
  • Seal off exhaust pipes and air intakes to prevent pest infestation.

For a winter checkup or help with any type of automotive work, including engine repair in Tyler, TX, call us at Hughes Automotive at (903) 730-6788.  You can visit us online at www.hughesauto.biz to learn more about us and to read some of our customer reviews.

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What to Expect When You Take Your Vehicle In for Engine Repair Tyler TX

Engine Repair Tyler TX | Call (903) 730-6788Car repairs aren’t ever fun, and nobody wants to spend half their paycheck (or more) on it. However, vehicles aren’t built to last forever, and the inevitable truth is that mechanical problems happen. For those who are new to the car repair scene, or who have cars with problems for the first time: what can you expect when you take your car in for engine repair Tyler TX?

Lots of Car Talk

If you know a lot about cars, you may love this part. Most mechanics do their best to explain what specific problem a person’s car is having. The more you know about cars, the more detailed the explanation will be. Mechanics want customers to know they’re giving them the most honest, in-depth advice. The more you know your vehicle, the better off you will be. If you don’t know much about cars, you can expect some “car talk” and then you will likely have to just trust the mechanic to fix your car without overcharging or doing more work than what the car really needs. Which brings us to the next point…

Find a Trustworthy Mechanic

A little research can go a long way when it comes to choosing a mechanic or auto body shop. Read a few online reviews for places around town and find a place that customers love. Customer reviews are usually the quickest way to learn a shop’s reputation for service. References from friends or co-workers are just as valuable since you have a first hand account of how they were treated and charged.

Time Table

Minor maintenance can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. This includes things like windshield replacements, tire rotations, and oil changes. Most other repairs take at least a few days. Major engine repair Tyler TX may take weeks, depending on if the shop has all the necessary parts in stock. If parts have to be ordered, which is common, it takes longer. Expect the mechanic to have your car for a few days to a couple weeks if you are getting major engine repair Tyler TX.

Price Points

Be sure to get a printed out estimate of what the total cost will be. In some cases with major engine problems, it’s impossible for the mechanic to know total price and total damage until he takes half the engine apart. But in any case, get an estimate before the mechanic gets to work. That way, you can at least have a ballpark guess of what you will be paying. Car maintenance and repair aren’t cheap in most cases, so having a budget set aside for vehicle emergencies is a good idea. If you have some money saved for car repairs, it won’t be such a catastrophic hit to your bank account.

Hughes Automotive in Tyler, TX is your resource for all types of engine repair Tyler TX.  We’ve been servicing this community for many years.  We are an ASE certified shop and treat all our customers with respect and appreciate their time.  Call us today at (903) 730-6788 or stop by and see us at 2100 E 5TH St Tyler, TX, 75701- 3517.


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