Understanding Batteries: An Important Part of Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance Tyler TXCar maintenance is required to protect your vehicle’s function, appeal and value. While you may understand the importance of oil changes and tire rotations, other areas of your vehicle deserve maintenance at certain times. Considering your battery is a crucial part of your vehicle’s power and operation, learning the signs that a replacement is necessary should be a priority. Here are a few tips to learn more about when to replace your battery and how to choose the best battery for your vehicle.

Testing 1, 2, 3

Your car may start and stop, running properly over time. However, your battery may still be in distress even when your car is running. Knowing if the battery has sufficient power will reduce the risk of your car unexpectedly breaking down.

Consider having your battery tested each year. A licensed mechanic is capable of testing the battery load using professional equipment. If your battery is new, you should not need to test it until it reaches 2 years of age. If you live in a colder climate, make sure to start testing annually after your battery reaches four years of age.

Time for Replacement?

If your engine is slow to crank, your check engine light is coming in periodically, or there is fluid or corrosion on your battery terminals, it is time for a replacement.

Also, if your mechanic tests the battery and determines it has a low load, consider replacing the battery no matter how old it is.

Battery Types

Make sure to check your owner’s manual to determine what battery is right for the make and model of your car. You want to make sure the battery load is strong enough to power your vehicle, but also the right size to fit easily with your existing battery terminals and space.

You should also choose a battery that works with your climate. Higher temperatures place more stress on batteries. If you live in a warm, hot, and humid climate, your batteries will be at risk of corrosion, so you will need to choose a high-quality battery that is ideal for these higher temperatures.

Compare battery warranties, as well, since this will help you save money on your car maintenance. Warranties are measured in two figures, which you can find on the label. The first figure refers to the free replacement period and the second figure refers to the partial replacement period. For example, 24/84 represents a free replacement for 24 months and a prorated warranty for a partial replacement for 84 months.

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